Monday, October 3, 2011

Cardinal Quest is Free For One Day

I had heard of Cardinal Quest, but never played it. It is a simple rogue like game that has some decent graphics, engine and direction. It doesn't have a lot of depth with character advancement, but it does offer three classes, a lengthy and difficult dungeon, a large amount of equipment to find and many different skills/spells littered through the dungeons. There doesn't seem to be much more than to the game, at least from what I've played, but it is free and it is an indie game looking for support. So, if you wish to get it for free today then you should head over to the dev's twitter post and follow his instructions. You just have to enter a code and some information.

Cardinal Quest also has a free demo available on Kongregate and through the main website, but why bother, just get the game. It is normally $5, but how can you deny a free rogue like game? HMM?! Download it already. Anyways, the game has three classes; wizard, rogue and warrior, each of which seem to have difficulties attached to them. The warrior being easiest and the thief being the most challenging. For a rogue like game, this one is surprisingly plentiful with its items, abilities and potions. It is also one of the easiest rogue like games I've played in a long time, which could be good news if your like me and you never get to the end of any of them, especially you Nethack. Oh, also, like most rogue likes, this game has perma death and no saving, so good times to be had there. Thanks for reading and if you haven't downloaded Cardinal Quest already, then I'm quite disappointed with you.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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