Friday, October 7, 2011

Caspian Border Unleashed

Let the Jet Camping Begin!
Today, Friday October 7th, the large scale conquest map called Caspian Border has been released onto the Battlefield 3 public beta, but only for the PC version. Now it is being stressed test with more than a hundred servers hosting the new map. It gives you a taste of what the Battlefield series is really about. Caspian Border has destructible buildings, jets, helicopters, tanks and jeeps. One of the best things to many people is that Caspian Border is using conquest mode, not rush. Conquest mode has each team going around the map fighting for control of five or six capturable areas. Many had lost their faith in Battlefield 3 after seeing Operation Metro, the infantry only map, but it's worth taking a second try with Caspian Border. If you can get on a low ping server, with less than fifty people, than Caspian Border is quite a lot of fun. Sure there are still beta issues all over, like random graphical glitches, but this map brings back a sense of what the previous Battlefields instilled in me. Whether you feel like parachuting from the sky, flying a jet into combat, rushing a tank into unknown territory or failing to flying a helicopter properly; this map has all that and more to offer. Everyone knows this map is gorgeous, but mix that in with the good old battlefield feel and now BF3 has something I can get behind. The public beta will keep running until October 10th. If still have the beta installed, go check it out. I managed to take a short video, when the server wasn't lagging, in order to bring some kind of visual to those who want to see the map.

Thanks for watching, and reading, and check back soon for some more gaming news. 
 -Written by Sean Cargle 


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