Monday, October 24, 2011

Catapult For Hire

What is this cartoonish looking PC indie game?

Well it seems to be a strategy, action and adventure game all tied into one. It all focuses on your catapult. You build it, upgrade it, modify it's projectiles and then you use it to complete quests around the world map. The game is full of destructible buildings and objects to destroy with your catapult. The game has a campaign, a campaign where you find jobs and earn gold in order to upgrade or buy new catapults. There is also a keep/home base that you can upgrade and build throughout the game. It is a keep that will get attacked throughout the game and looks to be easy to customize. The game also have a fishing system, one that seems to be a little complicated, thankfully, and relies on skill/items instead of random chances. On top of everything already mentioned, there is also a crafting system that uses fish and items to create upgrades. You see the game through an overworld map, which is fairly old school looking. You can find secret items throughout the world using a tool called the Retrievo 9000, a small item that you launch out to collect hidden items. The last feature for this game will be a Colosseum mode that will allow you to fight for gold and prizes.

Take all of these little features of Catapult for Hire and you get a surprisingly fun looking artillery based game. The game is not out yet, nor does it have a release date, but I will be keeping my eyes on this little indie game. It is being developed by Tyrone Henrie and being published by Indiepub. I should note that it plans to be published for PC, Mac and Mobile devices. Thanks for reading and check out the main website, plus a gameplay video, below.
Main Website:

-Written by Sean Cargle


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