Friday, October 14, 2011

Dungeon Defenders Epic Win Contest

We here at at Violent Gamer appreciate the increasing support of our readers and we asked Trendy Entertainment to team up with us for a Dungeon Defenders Contest.  Check out all the rules and join in our contest. It ends on October 19th! Also, we will be working on a review for Dungeon Defenders, presumably to have it done by release day, but probably not till a few days after the contest ends. 

Additional Info
    • There will only be one winner, who will receive Dungeon Defenders by October 19th or 20th. 
    • The prize copy is for PC only. 

    Want some info on Dungeon Defenders? Well please check out our Overview or the main website. There are also several reviews up for the game already, mostly praising it. 
    DD Main Website - VG Overview Article - DD Reviews

    Examples of epic win in gaming
    He may be overdoing it, but I don't mind it one bit. 

    A sarcastic Epic Win, that is indeed my tank, one I just spent ten minutes repairing

    Geralt being awesome, enough said. 

    One grenade got it done

    Now the kind of Epic Wins that are literally Epic Wins, but we don't want to see much of these kinds of self gratifying displays.

    Double the points of anyone else on my team is awesome, but not what we want to see

    Any questions or concerns? Let us know through email or  comments.

    Thanks to Jerry and Gregory from Trendy Entertainment for all of their kindness and cooperation. Also, a big thanks to Wesley from Violent Gamer for taking this time to create a great flier for us. 


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