Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dungeon Defenders Epic Win Contest Winner

We had quite a difficult time deciding who should win this contest, just about every submission we got was at the very least good, so thank you all for that. We have barely come to a consensus on the winner and we have decided that Brad Poon's screenshot of an Epic Win in World of Warcraft was deserving. Here is his screenshot and the story that goes along with it makes it all the better."Huhuran, one of the late game bosses in WoW, uses a massive AOE poison attack during the last few moments of her life, so you have to burn her down.  At 1%, it wasn't looking good, so I got DI'd (Divine Intervention'd) at the last moment.  In between her last poison volley which killed the final member, the dots killed her, leaving me the only one alive standing over the dead corpses of my guild mates." Thanks for the screenshot Brad and we will be sending your email, with your steam code, tonight. 

 I am sorry to say a World of Warcraft picture won

Thank you all for your submissions and thank you for participating in our contest. It was a small contest, but we had much better results than our last contest, thanks mostly to Trendy Entertainment allowing us to put on a contest with their exciting new game. We hope you all participate in our next contest, whenever that may be, and we will be here bringing you news, reviews and previews for as long as we are able. Once again, big thanks to Richard and Gregory from Trendy for allowing us to do this contest.  Thanks everyone who participated and congratulations to Brad for the win.

  -By Sean Cargle and Adam Borchert 

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