Friday, October 28, 2011

Dungeon Defenders Halloween Spooktacular

Amazingly, Dungeon Defenders already has new content out for Halloween and it is all free! Unfortunately for those of you who might have Dungeon Defenders for consoles this pack has only been released for PC, so far. Trendy Entertainment is trying to get it out to consoles as soon as they can, but it's more difficult for them to get it out to consoles then it is to get the content onto Steam. There are two different Halloween DLC's, one is four Halloween outfits for each class, while the other DLC is more significant. The second DLC includes a new Halloween themed mission that transforms the Ramparts level into something spooky yet colorful and exciting. It also add's eight Halloween styled weapons, plus four character skins that can be unlocked through gameplay. Between the two we have one new challenge mission and eight costumes ,four of which are given and four have to be unlocked. The tavern is also transformed into a Halloween themed tavern, which you can see in the trailer below. It is all free and all here three days before Halloween. Based on the Halloween trailer they seemed to have gotten the Halloween style down really well, I can't wait to go jump in and try it.

To download the two DLC you merely need to go to steam and go to the Dungeon Defenders store page then go to the DLC section and download the two packs. I will link the two steam pages below if you want to see more information on the DLC. Thanks for reading and if you don't already have Dungeon Defenders feel free to check out my recent review to get the gist of the game. It is currently $15 on Steam, XBLA and PSN, all of which have demos of DD available as well.
Mission Pack:
Costume Pack:

-Written by Sean Cargle


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