Friday, October 7, 2011

IndieCade *Updated

We are heading to the International Festival of Independent Games tomorrow, so be prepared for some news about our findings tomorrow night. IndieCade is a big indie game festival that takes place in Culver City, CA. A lot of IndieCade has to do with helping other indie game developers, but it also is about having fun and providing free demonstrations to the public. Although, the public does not have access to the majority of the events. It started today, 10/7, and will be going until Sunday. Hopefully we can bring you all some interested news from the festival, especially from the Gamewalk or Big Games events.  If you wish to know about it they have a very informative website. I encourage anyone in the LA area to check out, at least the free part.
IndieCade Website:

*10/8 The weather has beaten us down today and conquered us, we are sick, so we may be going to IndieCade tomorrow, but not today. Sorry about that everyone.


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