Tuesday, October 25, 2011

King Arthur's Gold Update

Not that anyone cares, because most people are playing Battlefield 3 or Dark Souls, but King Arthur's Gold has released a sizeable new update. It is "the largest update" they've ever done. If you have no idea what King Arthur's Gold is, then I refer you to my initial impressions from a while back.
If you have played the game you may have noticed that is it really enjoyable to build and create, but being a knight or archer isn't all that fun. Mainly due to arrow and bomb spamming. They have been thinking about this issue and have come up with workshops that allow you to create bombs and arrows for a price. There is now a currency in the game, something that applies to most of the new features and really changes how the game is played. They have also added unit counters, meaning that each time will now have a counter that determines how many lives they have left, making the game a death feel a little more painful. On top of all those new and exciting features are more new changes. We now have healing quarters, moveable catapults, bombs can now be used in catapults, tree climbing, pie menus (all of the options now show in a little pie menu), shield parachute gliding and "more". How they can possibly have more than that is crazy, but I appreciate the massive update. Check out this video to see an overview of the new update.

Now for some of the more specific updates. Archers now have three types of shots: a slow shot, a normal shot and a charged shot. Knights can, thank god, can no longer destroy stone and have to rely on builders. Speaking of builders, they are now more competent in combat with increased health and damage. The catapult no longer has a super long range, but it can now be moved to get it closer to enemy walls. Many of the controls have changed as well, pretty much everything relies on the pie menu's now. You can also now put many different things in a catapult to launch, but no corpses, damn. If you care to check out the very long update list head on over to the MODDB KAG page and check it out. Thanks for reading and I cannot wait to try out King Arthur's Gold now with all of this new/changed content.
King Arthurs' Gold MODDB Page
King Arthur's Gold Website: http://kagdev.tumblr.com/

-Written by Sean Cargle


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