Monday, October 17, 2011

The Last Dungeon Defenders Dev Diary

This very last Dev Diary, before the game comes out Wednesday the 19th, and it is all about the games many game modes. We have done many posts about Dungeon Defenders and we are currently doing a contest to win a copy of Dungeon Defenders. A quick recap; Dungeon Defenders is a cooperative driven action tower defense game, similar to how Orcs Must Die! feels, but with a great deal of RPG elements. It will be released on PSN, XBLA and PC, all on October 19th and 20th. It is smaller scale indie game that will cost around $15, but has a lot of content and promise. You can have many character slots, constantly switching out characters in game to perform different roles. The max level in the game will be level 70, plus there will also be crafting, pets and several customization options. The main objective, generally, is to defend Eternia Crystals from waves of enemies. Let's talk about some of the modes that are described in the video.

The main campaign has you fighting through thirteen campaign levels with four difficulty modes. Enemies, experience and loot will scale based on those difficulty modes. Each level has you defending from one to four Eternia Crystals, levels that you take you anywhere from dungeons to rooftops of castles. There are also quite a few challenge levels, each of them offering a unique and challenging experience that is much different from the main campaign. For instance, there is a challenge that has you attacking, not defending, and a challenge that has you protecting a friendly ogre. There are many more challenges as well, but they aren't gone into in detail. Some of the challenges are multiplayer orientated, one that require you to defend a certain player and defend the Eternia Crystals at the same time. The challenges will drop some of the best loot in the game, so while they are very tough they are also very rewarding. There is a Hall of Heroes mode that will let you fight other players in a pvp arena. We also have a survival mode, which is the typical last against these hordes as long as you can kind of mode, except when you reach certain waves there will be specific loot drops that you can aspire to get to. One of the more advanced modes is called pure strategy. It is a mode that has you doing typical tower defense. Enemies will ignore the player and go straight for the Eternia Crystal. Sounds easy right? No, you cannot repair or fight while a wave is going, you also must rely on the strength and set up of your towers to win against each wave. The very last mode is called mixed mode and it will be pitting you against the best enemies. It looks to be a mode where you are just fighting the enemies, there was no mention of an Eternia Crystal, and the enemies will be incredibly challenging.

One of the great things about all of the modes in Dungeon Defenders is that each mode seems to have the capacity to be just as challenging as any other. They all depend on how good your character is and what kind of challenge you throw yourself into. All of the modes also seem to present you with some alternative options of gaining experience and rare loot. Dungeon Defenders comes out in two days and I hope you are as excited as I am about it. We will be working on a review of Dungeon Defenders this week, we should also be having a Orcs Must Die! review surfacing at some point. Thanks for reading and without further ado here is the last developer diary.

Had to add this in here, Destrucoid has put out the first review for Dungeon Defenders, giving it a 9.5. Check it out:

-Written by Sean Cargle


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