Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet the Classes of Dungeon Defenders

What's Dungeon Defenders? How dare you, I will forgive you for the moment and indulge you. Dungeon Defenders is a soon to be released tower defense role playing game, similar to Orcs Must Die!. Dungeon Defenders (DD) can actually be said to be a tower defense, since you do have towers to build, among traps and other abilities. DD presents you with four character options, the squire, the monk, the huntress and the apprentice, all of which get different abilities/traps/towers. You take a character into battle, defending against waves of enemies. Your character is persistent, earning loot and levels. DD is designed to be a online cooperative multiplayer game, showing it's best cards when you are playing with other players. It will be available on Xbox 360 and PC on October 19th, while it will land on the PS3 on October 18th. If you wish to see more basic info, check out my overview from last month. There also a version of Dungeon Defenders for the iPhone that came out quite some time ago. It is being developed by Trendy Entertainment, a very kind and responsive group of developers.

The Squire
The squire is the tank of the group, launching himself directly into combat while the other take more reserved approaches. With his half suit of armor and boxers, he unleashes rage upon his enemies, an ability that boosts his speed, attack, and resistances for a short period of time. He can take the blows while also setting up blockades the injure his enemies and hinder their progress. Over his blockades will be his cannon and harpoon towers, raining deadly arrows and steel balls down upon his foes. HE looks to be one of the most simple classes, but one that cannot triumph without the support classes.

The Monk
The monk is an supportive warrior, one that can dish out the damage while also providing bonuses to his allies. His main abilities are boosts, one that increases the power of all his allies and one that strengthens all towers, traps and blockades. He has his spear, which he can channel chi into to launch at his enemies. He has aura's that harm, enfeeble, confuse and root enemies, while he also has a healing aura. The monk is strong, powerful and supportive, but he cannot take the hits like the squire. 

The Apprentice
The young bold mage who summons powerful towers and rains down spells from a distance. I personally like to think the design of the apprentice is a tribute to the black mage from the final fantasy series, but who knows.  His towers are many: magic missile tower, fireball, lightning and the deadly striker. Each of which are suited for specific types of enemies or areas. He can also quick cast and release a mana shockwave that murders all nearby enemies. Only wielding a staff, the mage must keep away from his enemies and do all the damage he can do.

The Huntress
This scantily elf in green unleashes hordes of arrows upon her enemies before they ever get close. Her main weapon is a repeating crossbow, but she also has a piercing shot and invisibility. Her main defenses are traps. She gets a poison trap, an ethereal spike trap, an inferno trap, a gas trap and a proximity mine trap. She seems best at hitting enemies quickly, placing down devastating traps and then escaping to a safe distance. While she isn't as strong as the squire or monk, she should be suited well for people who like to play the agile hit and run character. 

That's it for all of the character, but if you care to look at more there is the main website, my overview and several reviews for the game that already up. Dungeon Defenders look to offer a unique and enjoyable cooperative multiplayer experience. Between this and Orcs Must Die!, we all should have our hands full of some great action tower defense games this month.
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Thanks for reading and if you are interested in Dungeon Defenders be on the lookout in the next week for something special related to DD. Be back with more gaming news tomorrow.

 -Written by Sean Cargle


  1. Shadow of DeathOctober 12, 2011 5:37 AM

    I didn't see you mention that the Steam pre-order bonus for PC users is Valve content. The Portal Gun for the Huntress and something to do with TF2 characters, I dunno.

  2. Yeah they do have that, was going to lump that into my review I think. Didn't see any of the information about that when I was writing this. It looks like you can be TF2 characters in the game, but they have are stuck with whatever weapons and they don't level.