Friday, October 21, 2011

More Orcs Must Die! Inbound

Have you all been playing Orcs Must Die!? I sure hope so, it is a great indie game, one which Adam is working on a review for. If you don't know what it is, it is a trap based tower defense game that allows you to control a young war mage. It is an action game as well, allowing you to charge into combat with your spear or destroy enemies with powerful spells and abilities. It has received really good reviews, all around, and here is a previous article if you want like to know more. It has only been out for six days on PC, but there is already some new cheaply priced content incoming and they call it Artifacts of Power. There is a video for the DLC, which I will put after the descriptions. This DLC seems to only be available for the Steam version, at the moment, so no luck for you XBLA gamers. So,  for $2.49 you can get two items and two traps:

Vampiric Gauntlets - Gauntlets that allow you to drain the enemies health at distance by using your mana, but they also do the reserve. These Gauntlets will also let you drain your health to boost your mana. Based on the video they look to be pretty strong, maybe too strong, but since it is determined by Mana then it may something you have to use sparingly.

Alchemists Satchel - Wit this item you basically get to throw potion grenades at enemies. You can have them blow up on impact, or have them blow up on your command. They look to be pretty powerful, possibly a better alternative to the explosive barrel, but I'm not sure what the down side, if any, there is based on the video.

Shock Zapper - This nifty little trap is mounted on the ceiling, but unlike other traps it hits ground units and ceiling units. It looks to be very strong, so it probably has a hefty price to it, but it should help with any situation.

Floor Scorcher - This is a multipurpose trap. You can have it fling enemies to their death, like the spring trap, while the other side of it exhaust flames. The flames hit large groups of enemies, not just a single enemy, and it looks to be an excellent trap to add to your arsenal.

Both of those two traps also can be upgraded, just like normal traps in the game.  Check out this new video reveal of the Artifacts of Power DLC.

While this doesn't sound like that much content, it is still pretty decent for it's low price, although the OMD community seems much more interested in new maps than new tools and traps. Let's hope for a map pack, or map editor, sometime in the future. This DLC comes out on October 25th, next Tuesday, and is priced it $2.49, in case you missed the price earlier. Head on over to the video page, or the main website if you would like to see more about the game or the DLC. Thanks for reading and if you don't have Orcs Must Die! it is available on XBLA and Steam for $15.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


  1. Shadow of DeathOctober 22, 2011 8:48 AM

    I like the game a fair bit, though I've only played half a dozen levels or so, so far.

    I dunno if I'll shell out $2.50 for this though. DLC so shortly after the release just means "Hurhurhur, you're paying for cut content!" pretty much.

  2. Sometimes, but I think in this case they've been working on the DLC for over a month, which doesn't seem that rushed to me. I know they had to send in the game to Microsoft/Steam for approval long before it actually came out, so at that point they could have started working on DLC. I still want more levels though, not traps, especially since you have a maximum upgrade count right now.