Monday, October 3, 2011

Nexus 2 and Nexus: Battlestar Galactica

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident was a space combat/strategy sim that came out in 2004 for PC, with generally good reviews (mostly 80-90% / 8-9's). It looked a lot like homeworld, had gorgeous graphics, a good engine, multiplayer, enjoyable action based combat, but it had poor stealth system and an unsupported multiplayer. Much like freelancer, I don't know how I missed this game in the first place, but it is long in the past now and for a while there has been rumors of a Nexus 2 in the making. Nexus 2 is in pre-development, but no longer is it supported by the original creators Vivendi Universal and Mithis Entertainment, now it is the hands of Most Wanted Entertainment. Most Wanted previous work is  unknown to me, but they are working on versions of Defenders of Ardania, a colorful tower defense game for iPad, PC, PSN and XBLA. Nexus 2 now has a financial page on GamesPlant. It has become one of those indie games that is relying on fans to fund their development and so far it is at 9% of their goal of 400,000 euros. There is still one hundread and twenty six days left on that fundraising project, so there is some hope, but I bring this all up because of a fantastic Nexus: The Jupiter Incident mod based on Battlestar Galactica.
Screenshot of Nexus: Jupiter Incident (for reference)
There has been very few games that have properly captured Battlestar Galactica's (BSG) epic space battles, actually maybe none, and this mod looks to be closer to doing so than any other BSG game. It has expertly modeled Battlestars, vipers and all, fighting spot on Cylon Base Stars, in an beautiful space enviornment that is not top down, but layered 3d and tactical. For any fans of BSG this mod should take hold of their attention in a matter of seconds. Take a look at this well made trailer and see if it ignites some nostalgia.

This mod is called Nexus-Battlestar Galactica and it is made by a small mod team that is incredibly dedicated and talented. Of course to play this mod, you need Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, and if you inclined to play the mod with a passion then you need to look no further than steam for a small sum of $10. Right now the mod is focused on battleship combat, not fighters, raptors and raiders, but they are in the game already. I would love to divulge some more information on the game, but it's main page is down on ModDB (their main website it seems) and it has been for several hours. I'm not sure if there are any missions in the mod yet, other than skirmish battles, but I do know that you can customize the fights and you can even make battleship vs battleship, human vs human. Will be back later to update this as soon the ModDB page comes up, thanks for reading.  Also, big news coming sometime soon, stay tuned.
More Info:

If you want to support Nexus 2 head on over here to their donation page.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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