Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm

There is a new Red Orchestra 2 coming already, sort of, and it's kind of an expansion. I'm aware of how wonderfully vague that all is. Rising Storm is a collaboration between a mod team and Tripwire, both of which are working together to make a WWII pacific theatre themed mod. Since Tripwire Interactive is supporting and helping this seemingly professional mod team, there is a good possibility of it turning out to be very high quality. If you don't recall what Red Orchestra 2 (RO2)  is in the first place then let me summarize it quickly. RO2 is a WWII team based multiplayer FPS, with an emphasis on realism, teamwork and impressive graphics. It came out back in September and it hasn't received the best praise. I own it, along with several friends, and one of the main complaints about the game is the lack of realism. Specifically having to do with everyone in the game being an excellent shot with every gun. I have hopes that the mod will try to address these issues, because it tends to make the game less fun, but it is a enjoyable game at it's core. Also, it never helps when a game comes out and it is fairly buggy.

RO2 Screenshot, not Rising Storm

The Rising Storm has already created four maps and they have built up a group that is diligently working on all aspects of the mod, hoping to get the mod out there on steam by summer 2012. They haven't noticed any specific game design changes, just new maps, new environments, weapons, characters and all of that, but no changes to the mechanics as of yet. By working with Tripwire they are trying to make Rising Storm into an official add-on, something which will support the team financially for all of their work on the mod, but they are not focused on financials, just creating and sharing. There aren't too many other details on the game yet, but feel free to check out the exclusive interview and article over at Gamespy. Thanks for reading and check out the new trailer below.
Gamespy Exclusive:

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