Saturday, October 1, 2011

Running with Rifles Beta Start

Running with Rifles is the top down military shooter that I wrote about a month ago, which can be found here. It has a free demo version that is still available, but the beta for paid users has been going since September 14th. On top of everything from the normal game, the beta version now adds an online mode that sounds rather basic. It seems like they probably should have had the online version be part of the free demo, at least for now, but you can only access it if you have pre-purchased the game. Despite that, the free and beta version both host a good chunk of updates and bug fixes since the last release 0.3. Here is that list if you want to see it. I'm quite worried about this game, hopefully it doesn't go the route of making players pay for the game far before it has enough content to satiate their appetites. That's it for this post, just wanted to inform you all about the newest features of Running with Rifles, I cannot wait to see further versions come to light. Be back with more gaming news tomorrow.
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-Written by Sean Cargle 


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