Monday, October 31, 2011

Sonic Generations Impressions

There hasn't been a good Sonic game since the Gamecube, but Sonic Generations looks to be finally breaking the downward spiral of the Sonic franchise. Most people are big fans of either the original Sonic games, the 2d side scrolling ones, or the Sonic Adventure games and Sonic Generations combines some of the best elements from both of those games. My impressions are based on the demo that is newly available on Xbox 360 and PS3. The demo only consists of two levels, which are both pretty short, but I commend the demo creators for choosing two levels that show the contrast in gameplay. One level exemplifies the original gameplay from the 2d Sonic games, while the other level shows off the fast and exciting 3d races from the Sonic Adventure games. Sonic Generations comes out on November 1st for PS3/Xbox 360 and sometime later for PC. It will be $50 for the console versions and I must lament the poor release date choice.

The first level in Sonic Generations is just like the original Sonic games, except it is now in 3d. You travel along through a lush green level with familiar controls that allow you to jump or launch yourself in a fast ball. The level is short, but based upon the original sonic levels and it shows throughout. There are tons of different paths, secrets and a bunch of annoying enemies strategically placed in your path. Unfortunately, the level ends without you fighting any epic old school boss fights against Robotnik. The second level starts out the same in a lush green environment except you quickly find that it turns fully 3d as you launch yourself down a spiraling ramp that is exactly like the race levels from Sonic Adventure, except now they flawlessly move between side scrolling and third person. The high speed racing even changes up the gameplay mechanics to be more like Sonic Adventure, making it so you lock onto enemies and can launch into them in succession. You also build up a boost by destroying enemies and the boost makes things go from very fast to insanely fast. The level goes by far too quickly but all of racing elements are very enjoyable, especially for fans of Sonic Adventure.

Official Gameplay Trailer

This is the first Sonic game in a very long time that is getting anything better than awful reviews, IGN even gave it a 8.5, so I have a lot of hope for this. My girlfriend and I both enjoy Sonic quite a lot and I love the feel of Sonic Generations, it meshes the new and old so well. The game looks to be fairly short, but it has a lot of unlockables to make up for it. You can also play the game through with new sonic or old sonic, which can be seen on the main website. My one big grip about the game is the lack of co-op, something that most of Sonic games contained, especially the older great ones. You can check out the short demo on XBLA or PSN and the game will be coming out tomorrow for consoles. Check out the gameplay video and screenshots.  Thanks for reading, I'm off to go power through the last three chapters of Uncharted 3 so I may bring you a review by it's release tomorrow. 
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IGN PS3 Review: Review

-Written by Sean Cargle


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