Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Trek Through Nature

Just because we are Violent Gamer doesn't mean we cannot enjoy a game based around the serenity of nature. Nature Trek's is a free PC and MAC nature simulation. It is all about relaxation and nature, something that is pretty rare. One of the few games I can think of that also exemplifies nature a bit is Oblivion, but not though the core game, with mods only did Oblivion provide a beautiful nature experience. It also had you running into all kinds of trouble in those woods, but it was still great. Nature Trek is made by Greener Games and it provides some fairly detailed graphics in a largish area to explore. There isn't much to do, other than than listen to relaxing music and nature sounds, but there are colors that you can collect. Once you collect enough color points it will fill out your wheel and you essentially "win", but there is no winning in this game. I really like it's goals and I would love to see a larger more detailed game with the same idea, but for now check this game out and relax a bit. It takes a few minutes to get into it and I always keep wanting to sprint around the map, but it's enjoyable in it simplistic purpose. You can download the game for free on the website provided below, it's only 100 mbs.
Thanks for reading, be back with some more news shortly.
Download: http://greenergames.net/

-Written by Sean Cargle 


  1. Shadow of DeathOctober 19, 2011 8:19 PM

    I tried it out, and it's interesting. Lots of room for improvement, but I still like it.

    I posted in their forums with a concept that I think is a sort of evolution of this 'peaceful game experience' idea. Adding in fleshed out gameplay mechanics and such.

  2. I like your idea, I hope someone picks up it on it sometime, maybe even as a mod for Skyrim.