Friday, October 7, 2011

UnEpic Demo Impressions

I stumbled along this humble little pc indie game the other day and I'm quite happy that I found it. It is a side scrolling adventure rpg with some great nerd humour and enjoyable, yet basic , gameplay. It is a rpg that caters to those of us who remember old side scrolling dungeon rpgs. UnEpic starts off by showing a bunch of guys playing dungeon and dragons, being nerdy, silly and realistic. Daniel takes a bathroom break from the game and finds the lights turn off on him, light he can't seem to turn back on. He finds himself in a dungeon, seemingly like the one they were just describing in D&D, and convinces himself that his friends drugged his drink. He goes through this dungeon with that mentality mind, taking nothing to seriously. The humor is entertaining for anyone who is familiar with most major sci-fi and fantasy games/movies.  I am amazed that this game was made in Spain, just because of how natural the English conversations flow. You go through this demo, that lasts around two hours, picking up various weapons, creating potions, finding equipment and exploring a decently sized dungeon. One of my favorite parts of the demo was the beginning, because it made you actually want to listen to all of the dialogue. The graphics and way it flows is reminiscent of a Castlevania game, except it doesn't move as fluidly. It was created by one man, with the assistance of several others, which you may investigate here if you wish.

You use pretty basic controls, arrows keys, space bar and enter. The hotkey, character and inventory systems should be familiar to anyone who has played an rpg before. My one complaint about the demo is the lack of keybinding options, the arrow keys feel a little archaic to me, with no option for WASD. The main thing that makes UnEpic Hero different from any other dungeon adventure or rpg, is the clever writing. When the writer  decided not to go with a typical rpg storyline and instead chose something witty, crude and entertaining. It really helps that the gameplay is really solid and fun. The game saves through these "altar" areas only, much like Castlevania games. Right by the first altar are these dungeon doors, the doors allow you to quick travel to any area of the game that you have unlocked. You have many weapons to choose from in the game, all of which working differently against different types of enemies. For instance, there are tough skinned or armored enemies that take more damage from maces than anything else, while swords do the most damage to living spongy targets. Each weapon also seems to have random drops, meaning you can find rare and powerful weapons. There are is quite a lot of content in the game; there are merchants to find, quests to complete, spells to obtain, recipes to learn, weapons to master, armor to defend yourself with and pets to obtain. Check out this gameplay video, it shows off quite a lot of the demo and should give you a good idea of what it's like.

Everything about this game is simple, but it has an addicting and unique feel to it. The full version was just released for the first time in September for the base price of around $9. There isn't a lot around the internet about this game, but did some impressions and also wrote about the game during it's release. Check out the demo through the main website and let me know what you think. The game may be popping up on steam at some point, but it will need more fans writing to steam about it. Thanks for reading and check back later for more news.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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