Monday, October 24, 2011

Unity of Command Overview

We have a promising WWII turn based strategy game in our midst, a PC indie game called Unity of Command. It feels similar to the great Hearts of Iron series, except it has a much more colorful look to it.

This WWII turn based game is complex looking, but also very fresh and interesting. I was never able to get much into Hearts of Iron, due to it's vast complexity and difficulty, but Unity of Command looks to offer a similar level of complexity without the super steep learning curve. This game focuses its battles on Russians vs Germans. The developers, 2x2 Games, claim that the  gameplay claims to be fast, smooth, and easy to learn. They are trying to recreate historical battles and accurate armies. You move units on the map using hexes, much like Hearts of Iron, except each map is either a historical or fictional scenario. The map will have a weather system that changes realistically from hex to hex. You will also have a supply line, one that enemies can sabotage and also enemy supply lines that you may attack.  Supply lines will allow you to encircle enemies and break through enemy lines. Everything is managed through a campaign map that gives you an overview of all of the scenarios, plus some context for each scenario. You will also be able to play Unity of Command through multiplayer, on top of the hefty 20+ scenario single player campaigns. They game will also be open to the modding community.

Unity of Command has a release date of November 15,2011. Probably because they just made a publishing deal with Matrix Games, so it's looking pretty good for them. They just finished taking sign up for a closed beta, but I'm sure more opportunities to try out the game will crop up in the future. Thanks for reading and to check out more information look to the product page or main website.
Matrix Games Product Page 
Main Website:

-Written by Sean Cargle


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