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What games to play on Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween here in the United States and to get ready for Halloween you should do some appropriate gaming. I am compiling a list of Halloween themed or scary games that should get you in the mood for Halloween. I will try to spread it out in order to cover PC and console games. It will be divided into games that actually have something to do with Halloween in them and then games that are scary. I have to add to all of this that pretty much every MMO out there does some kind of Halloween event, but I won't be including information on those.

Halloween Themed Games

Costume Quest
Costume Quest is a game that recently came out on PC, but came out on XBLA and PSN last October. This is a game that screams Halloween and does it's best to draw you into Halloween mood by creating an experience that brings you back to when you were a child trick or treating. The game is filled with candy, trick or treating and costumes, plus all of the levels are decked out with Halloween decorations. For some people this game will nail that nostalgia factor, but for others they will just merely see it is a solid old school rpg with some humorous dialogue. For more on the game check out my original review, pc release information or the main website. Price $15

Killing Floor
This is a twisted co-op survival FPS for PC that was originally a modification for Unreal Tournament, but was so good that it was turned into a full downloadable game. The game takes place in the cities and countrysides of London after some failed experiments have run amok. You and your allies are dropped into these areas in order to clean up the failed experiments. Killing Floor's strength is in it's cooperative gameplay and large amount of weapons, maps and DLC. They recently came out with a free DLC during the summer that added in a bunch of carnival themed areas and enemies, fitting in with the haunted theme park feel pretty well. Now, they have taken that summer sideshow and made it all Halloween themed. The game is available through Steam and it's on sale right now as part of Steams Halloween sale for $6.79. If you have some friends to play this with it should be a lot of fun, even though it may feel a bit dated at this point since it came out in 2009. The Killing Floor Halloween Sideshow will be running up until November 3rd. 
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Dungeon Defenders 
You are probably tired of hearing about Dungeon Defenders by now but if you don't know about it then I refer you to my recent review. Quick recap; Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense rpg hybrid that takes you through a campaign, while also supplying you with bonus challenges and a vast amount of content. Dungeon Defenders isn't a Halloween themed game in anyway, except they just released their Halloween Spooktacular free DLC on Friday the 28th. It effectively add's a bunch of Halloween themed content and transforms the tavern into Halloween party area. To check out more details on the event, like what content is included specifically, head on over to that post. Dungeon Defenders is available on Steam, XBLA and PSN, but the Halloween content is only out for the PC version right now. I've seen it on sale over the last week, but it's base price is $15
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Team Fortress 2
Anyone familiar with Steam or PC games in general will know Team Fortress 2 quite well. Normally this free team based FPS has nothign to do with Halloween, but every Halloween they do a special event for Halloween. They usually release a new map, weapons and unlockables, this year is no exception to that tradition. This year they have one new map, one new boss, two new achievements, nine-class specific collectible costumes, secret loot and a Halloween seal mask. For more information on the event, which runs until November 6th, head on over the official TF2 Halloween flier
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Generally Scary Games
(not specifically Halloween related)

Left 4 Dead 2
While Left 4 Dead 2, the very popular zombie survival shooter, doesn't have any specific Halloween content (not counting mods or custom maps) it is a very tense and frightening game. Sure after you've played the game for a long time it no longer feels that way, but some of the environments, like the carnival, are pretty terrifying. Feel like playing some good zombie FPS co-op? Look no further than Left 4 Dead 2, especially since it is cheaply available on Xbox 360 and PC. It is currently on sale on PC for $6.79, normally $20, but this is a game that is on sale almost every time Steam has a sale. At this point it has a lot of content and I cannot recommend it for Xbox 360, they charge you $20 for the game alone and no DLC, while the PC version comes with all DLC for $5-$10 usually.
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Dead Nation
Dead Nation is another zombie game, but very different from Left 4 Dead 2. It can be played cooperatively or alone through a very long campaign that get's progressingly harder as you are shown a narrative that shows the sorry state of this zombie infested world. The game is a top down twin stick shooter for the PS3, one that was part of the sony forgiveness package back when they got hacked and gave away two free PS3 games. Dead Nation tracks your score, along with the score of all others, and in between missions it shows an interesting world screen that shows the number of zombies killed worldwide based on each nation. The atmosphere of Dead Nation is dark, unpredictable and violent, playing this game alone is pretty damn scary at times. It was released in 2010 and they just had add-on recently released that added more levels to the campaign. Dead Nation is a suprisingly fresh and fun zombie game, one that costs somewhere between $10-$15, which depends on whether you have PlayStation plus or not.
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Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Amnesia is a PC, Mac and Linux first person survival game, one that is truly about survival not combat. It was made by a small indie company and ended up being critically acclaimed. If you haven't played Amnesia..why? It is fairly short but it has some excellent puzzles and horrifying moments. I cannot think of one other game out there that requires you to hide in the closet while a terrifying abomination with blades for hands searches the room. This is also a game that really plays off how your character reacts to situations, for example if you see a monster your character will start shaking and breathing hard. Amnesia has a sanity meter, something that you will be familiar with if you played the excellent Eternal Darkness game for the Nintendo Gamecube. Amnesia is a dark game filled with some great designs, scary environments and disturbing sounds. If you haven't checked it out you should nab it while it's on sale on steam. If you are a fan of old school survival horror games like the Clock Tower Series, then Amnesia should be a no brainer for you, but it tends to be enjoyable to all kinds of gamers. It is currently on sale for $4.00 and it normally is $20. Check out this fantastic trailer.
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Borderlands is a PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 FPS designed for cooperative gameplay. You can play the game alone, but it is at least twice as fun with other players nor does singleplayer have the draw that multiplayer has. Borderlands sets itself out from the crowd due to its long campaign that can be played entirely with other players and it's rpg elements like loot, skills and leveling. Normally Borderlands doesn't have anything scary or Halloween like about it, but the last expansion for the game add's in a zombie filled island. The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned add's in a fairly lengthy new area to explore and conquer, an area filled with several different types of zombies and abominations. All of your skills, levels and loot carry over from the original game and may also be taken back to the normal campaign. This is one of the four Borderlands DLC's, all of which can be purchased in the game of year edition that is currently on sale on steam for $7.49. If you enjoy non-linear open world cooperative based FPS's then Borderlands will be right up your alley. For more information check out the steam page or main website below.
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That's all for the moment, but I will add more games to this later. Thanks for reading. Happy Halloween.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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