Monday, November 7, 2011

Battlefield 3 Sweepstakes

EA/DICE is conveniently starting a BF3 "Says Thanks" sweepstakes this coming weekend. It is obviously intended to try to sway some more people over to BF3 than MW3, but it is also interestingly timed to coincide with the release of Skyrim. The contest is open to US, German, Canadian, French and British BF3 players. It will also apply to PC and the console versions. The contest has you winning prizes for just playing BF3, each day you play between November 11th and 13th will enter you once in the sweepstakes. On December 5th they will inform the randomly selected winners.

-One person may win a round trip to Stockholm, Sweden to visit the DICE production studio there, plus they can take three guests with them. That winner, plus guests, will also receive four days of hotel accommodations, free round trip airfare and $1000 spending money. All of which they determine to be worth $15,000.
-One person will win a check for $5000
-One person will win a 250gb PS3/Xbox 360 or an Alienware PC with a collection of BF videogames.

I planned on playing Battlefield 3 that weekend anyways, at least once each day that is, and those are some nice prizes for just playing. Although, the odds of any single person who reads this, or anyone I know, winning this contest seems to be about one in a million, especially since it's across all platforms. If you want to check out the official rules and the tedium that comes with reading it, feel free. I doubt they are going to hurt MW3 that much with this, but hey it's worth a shot. Thanks for reading and be back with some more substantial news later today.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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