Friday, November 11, 2011

Dungeon Defenders Mod Kit and More

Dungeon Defenders just released their modding/development kit for free to the community through Steam, plus they also released their pre-alpha capture the flag mode to anyone who owns the game and wants to try it. The capture the flag mode is part of the development kit, but if you don't want the development kit you can get it on it's own through Steam. If you don't know what Dungeon Defenders, which means you are never at Violent Gamer since we talk about it so much, then check out my review from last month. Check out this dev kit trailer that shows off how you can make the game into a FPS using the kit. The modding kit is only available for the PC version, in case that wasn't obvious.

Even if you don't care much for Dungeon Defenders it is hard to deny the excellent customer service that Trendy Entertainment has been providing. They have released constant patches for the game since release, on all three platforms, several free DLC and community events for all platforms. Trendy is obviously trying to make Dungeon Defenders a long term game, one that players will want to play for a long time, especially with all of the content and classes available. The CTF mode is sixteen players and something that they want the community to actively participate in by playing it and then going onto the forums to add suggestions. The modding kit looks to be very free and open to anyone who wants to create their own content, they even imply that you could effectively make a third person rpg with it. All of the mods will be shown online when you look at a server and it looks like you can automatically download mods through joining a server, kind of like some steam mods do it. Check out this video on the modding kit in order to see how that works.

If you have been holding off a bit on Dungeon Defenders then this looks to be an excellent time to come back and see what the community has to offer. I'm certain over the next month or two we will be seeing some creative and enjoyable mods popping up online. There is so much information about all this so I will be dropping a ton of links below, enjoy and I hope to see some of you online, those of you who aren't playing Skyrim.
Modding Discussion
Mod Forums
Additional DLC Info:
Steam Info:
Steam Info CTF:

Capture the Flag! 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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