Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dungeon Defenders Thanksgiving Releases

Thanksgiving comes tomorrow and with it Trendy Entertainment has released a huge patch, two paid DLCs and a free Thanksgiving DLC for Dungeon Defenders. All of which only seems to be on PC at the moment, but they have submitted it to the console versions and it just takes more time than putting it straight onto Steam. If you are interested in seeing what the patch entails then I refer you to this hefty list of patch notes from the DD forums.  I should mention that Dungeon Defenders is 50% off during the Thanksgiving Steam Sale. Let's see what they have in store with the DLC's.

Hero Pack
The first DLC is probably the most exciting one for people because it brings in four new classes: The Initiate, The Countess, The Ranger and The Adept. All of the classes are basically gender opposite versions of the original four classes but with new abilities, but they do all have the same towers/defenses/auras/traps. The Hero Pack will probably get jumped on by anyone who has several maxed out characters but the rest of us will likely just be content with the original four classes, at least until there are new classes that are 100% new. This Pack costs $5 normally but it is on sale for $4 during the Steam Thanksgiving Sale. Check out this short trailer to see what the new classes look and what their new abilities are (I know it says nine minutes but it is really only a minute and a half).

The Warping Core Challenge Pack
This pack will come out sometime, it's already in the game, but it's not yet on the DLC list on the store page. If you are familiar with the game then you will know the Warping Core Challenge Map, well this DLC adds four new warping core challenges. These new maps will also have unique loot associated with them. No screenshots or videos but it will cost $2 whenever it shows up on Stea. 

The Great Turkey Hunt
This is the Thanksgiving specific free DLC that adds a new level(s), new costumes, new and redesigned enemies, plus a great turkey boss. This DLC will be free until December 2nd, so grab it now even if you don't plan to play it yet. I'm not sure how many new maps there based on the trailer, maybe two, but there is certainly at least one Thanksgiving centric level, one that looks to take away the use of towers and defenses. The new costumes look pretty well done and I love the Spaniard Monk costume in specific. Watch this trailer and see all that this DLC holds. 

I can only hope that Trendy Entertainment will keep these sizable updates coming with the Holidays, who knows what Christmas will hold. You can check all of these out on the steam page, there are six DLC's in total now, and install them from there. Thanks for reading and be back with more news shortly. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle 


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