Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Gamer's November

What will you spend most of your time playing this November? Hopefully whatever it is won't take away from homework or work, but in my case I'm sure it will affect both of those. This a big month that everyone has been waiting for, some patiently and some screaming Skyrim or MW3 all over the internet. I'm just going to do a quick list of the big games of November, the kind of big games that will likely cover all corners of the gaming world.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
The only thing I care about from MW3 is the interesting cooperative mode they have, but there are millions of gamers out there who love the this series to death. They just announced that on the Xbox Live top online games list, Call of Duty Black Ops and MW2 are both in the top 20, with Black Ops being in the top five. Modern Warfare 3 looks to bring you all over the world again, this time with England, France, Germany and America, among other areas of the world. On top of the hefty blockbuster single player campaign, the game will also bring back the Spec Ops mode again, my favorite. Spec Ops will be giving players 16 missions to conquer, all of which can be played alone, locally or online. Just like competitive multiplayer, Spec Ops will give you a wide array of character and equipment customization. Competitive multiplayer looks to have expanded upon it's predecessors, with completely re-balanced modes that take place on 16 maps. The game comes out on November 8th, five days from now, and will cost the usual big game company price of $59.99. For more check out their main website. Personally, MW3 looks exactly like MW2, but with new story, weapons and levels, so it's not going to be anything game changing for anyone who didn't like the previous games of the series very much.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 
Skryim is hard subject to discuss, because I've done my best not to hype myself up for it, even though I love the series and how the game looks. Skyrim is the huge open world RPG that shouldn't need any introduction to the majority of gamers. It follows in the footsteps of Oblivion and keeps many of the same gameplay elements, except much has been changed and improved, plus the world of Skyrim looks to be greatly more immersive than that of vanilla Oblivion. Skyrim throws you into main story at the beginning, but after that initial linear gameplay it does what it does best and unleashes you upon the world to let you explore, conquer and fight however you wish. The map of Skyrim is smaller than Oblivion, but the developers at Bethesda have hammered into the idea that this time there will be more to do in that space, unlike Oblivion's large areas of nothing. Skyrim will also be costing the normal large title amount of $59.99 for Xbox 360 and PC. It will be coming out November 11th, but Steam has it listed, probably incorrectly, at November 10th for PC. For more information check on Skyrim head on over to their fantastic website, it's quite attractive. 

Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception
Uncharted 3 has already been out for two days, but that doesn't make it any less important. Uncharted 3 is one the biggest PS3 games of the year and it has earned some great reviews over the last couple weeks, but people seem to see those great reviews and decide that they should being super critical of the game as a result. I recently reviewed the single player campaign/story from Uncharted 3 and have been playing through multiplayer over the last two days since it has been officially out. Uncharted 3 does what the series is known for by providing an excellent story, great voice acting, solid and deep multiplayer, enjoyable cooperative modes and a beautiful engine to tie it all together. I'm sure you are all tired of seeing Uncharted 3 information and news by now, but let's not even pretend this game isn't successful, well designed, popular and loved. I agree with Naughty Dog when they say that Uncharted 3's linear qualities are not a weakness, but a strength. For more check out my review that I linked above or feel free to check out the main website

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
War in the North had looked to be a big contender for November, but due to some mediocre reviews it's not looking to great for them. Nevertheless, even a mediocre Lord of the Rings game is worth noting and especially with high production value. War in the North leads you through an unknown story that takes you through some familiar places, that you may know from the movies, and it also takes you through places that are entirely from the books, but they are unexplored areas and storylines that haven't been covered before. The main focus of the game is the cooperative mode, even if you play alone you still fight with two other allies throughout the whole game. You have a dwarf warrior, a ranger and a elf sorceress to choose from, all of which carry different weapons and have different abilities. The game is fairly long and each character is customizable and you collect equipment throughout the campaign, so there are reasons to come back in order to make your character even stronger. War in the North came out on November 1st, same as Uncharted 3, for $59.99 for consoles and $49.99 for PC. For more check out the main website.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Just because I don't knwo a single person that is excited about the new Zelda doesn't mean it's not popular. They have been toting around the Skyward Sword quite a bit, making Nintendo gamers quite excited about it's coming and promising to bring in an entirely new experience. Skyward Sword is similar to Wind Waker, if anyone remembers that game, it gives you a fairly open world to explore and gives you a mode of transportation. In Wind Waker you used a boat to explore a giant island world, but in Skyward Sword Link has his giant bird that flies him through the sky realm. The sky realm, Skyloft, isn't the main area in the game, there is also a surface world that you can move back and forth between, plus they also will have a quick travel system in place. Skyward Sword will likely make a huge impact on Nintendo gamers, but for the rest of us it may go unnoticed amidst all of the other November releases. It comes out on November 20th, on the Wii, and it will cost $49.99. For more check out the main website.

Assassins Creed Revelations
I almost forgot about Assassins Creed, but the newest in the series will be coming out this month and it looks to be quite interesting. It features all three of the main characters from the Assassins Creed series: Ezio, Desmond and Altair. On top of all the normal assassinating, stealth and combat that one would expect from the series, they have also shown that there will be new war/tower defense gameplay. That gameplay has you setting up blockades, choosing where your allies will attack from and all kinds of strategic options. It doesn't look horribly complicated but I would expect it to be quite fun. In Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ubisoft threw in many new and unique features, managing to make most of them enjoyable for the most part and I would expect nothing less of everything they have planned for Revelations. The game will also feature a even more robust multiplayer mode, one we got to see at E3, but we did not get to play it since people were always all over the booths. Revelations looks to improve and add upon everything that makes the series great, while also adding unique and new features, plus a long storyline that should keep people interested, but if it's anything like the previous storyline's then it will probably make very little sense. Revelations comes out on the 15th for PS3 and Xbox360, for $59.99, and it comes out on PC on November 29th, for $49.99. My main hope Revelations is that it will have difficult combat, because Brotherhood had insanely easy combat to the point where it was a negative.  For more check out the main website

Games worth noting that I didn't list:
Saints Row The Third - November 15th 
Minecraft Officially comes out on November 18th 

Thanks for reading and be back with more shortly. 
-Written by Sean Cargle


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