Thursday, November 10, 2011

Indie Royale: The Difficult 2nd Bundle

The second bundle from the Indie Royale has just been released and it is deemed The Difficult 2nd Bundle. Just like the previous bundle, this bundle will contain four games and the price will be determined by how many people purchase it, currently the price is $4.05. This bundle contains Nightsky, Fate of the World, Scoregasm, Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!. Check out my previous post for information on the last bundle and what Indie Royale is about.

For Steam and Desura

Nightsky is an action puzzle game that puts you in the control of a sphere as you maneuver through "picturesque worlds". It is physic based and the design looks pretty impressive, reminding me a bit of Limbo and Outland. The game contains ten unique levels, each of which have thirteen areas. The game contains no enemies or violence, just challenges and atmosphere. Check out the website it's pretty well done.

-Fate of the World

For Steam, Desura, Windows and Mac

Fate of the World is a fairly old game that is about climate change and how it has affected the world environmentally and socially. Everything is about it is intended to present you with a real scenario that intends to unnerve you a bit. Your job as the player is to solve the problem through diplomacy and science while dealing with all the problems of the real world. It looks to be an interesting game, one that got decent reviews. For more check out the website and their trailer.

For Steam (only windows on steam), Desura, Windows, Mac, Linux
Scoregasm is a space shooter that looks to be fairly deep and difficult. It is non linear in the way that you go through levels because you always have several options after you beat a level. It has multiple bosses, challenges, tons of levels to find and many different types of upgrades to use. It definitely doesn't look like my kind of game but if you are into games like geometry wars than you may enjoy this one.

- Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! 
For Steam, Desura and only Windows
Yeah I have no idea what is up with this name, but this is a quirky point and click adventure game. The game sounds absolutely crazy and in that way it looks to be a blast to play through. If you enjoy dark and ridiculous humour then you are likely to enjoy this adventure game, or if you are just dying to go back into time to stop Hitler and his army of robot dinosaurs. Check out the trailer.

That is it for this Indie Royale Bundle and if even two of those games sound slightly interesting then it is probably worth your time. There are four days left on this bundle and eighteen thousand sold already. The next bundle will be arriving in thirteen days and I will certainly be back to report on that bundle as well. Thanks for reading and if we have no posts tomorrow then I blame Skyrim, but I will try to resist that demon and bring the usual gaming news. 

-Written by Sean Cargle


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