Tuesday, November 29, 2011

IndieRoyale: the Really Big Bundle

It is indeed already that time again, IndieRoyale has hit us with their third bundle, the Really Big Bundle. The last bundle, the Difficult 2nd Bundle, had some interesting games but this bundle actually has several games that I've personally played. Unlike The Humble Bundle, these bundles are not pay what you like, but they are still very cheap and merely require you to pay the average, which is currently $3.70.

Runespell: Overture 
I am fond of Runespell, to an extent, with it's card based role playing game that has some top notch environments and animations, all befitting of a small indie title. I reviewed it back in July when it came out Steam and I still hold some fond memories. It certainly isn't a perfect game by any means, it has quite a few problems with pacing, repetitive combat and the story, but to get it as part of this bundle, or even for $4 by itself seems like a steal. Check out the gameplay video I made up of the game back when I did review. If you are fond of games like Magic The Gathering then you shouldn't miss out on this. This game is available on Mac and PC, redeemable on Steam and Desura.
Main Website: http://www.runespell.com/

Really Big Sky 
Do you like super difficult shooters like Ikagura? Well if you take that, make it side scrolling and throw in the colorful graphics of geometry wars then you will have Really Big Sky. This game looks to be very fast paced and offers seven modes to compete in, all of which have stat tracking. I don't know mcuh about this shooter but if you are into those kind of games then it looks like it may be quite a lot of fun. It is available on PC only and it is redeemable on Steam and Desura.
Main Website: http://bossbaddie.co.uk/bigsky/

Really Big Sky 2.3 trailer - IndieRoyale

It was not too long ago when I was writing some impressions about Eufloria, the intriguing plant based strategy game. It came out on PC quite some time ago but only recently came out on PSN. It is an enjoyable game that has some very serene art design, but the core strategy is very familiar to anyone who has ever played a game like this before, it doesn't seem to do anything new in the genre. While it isn't ground breaking everything the game does is done very well and it's pretty easy to enjoy. Getting this as part of a package that totals at around $4 is an excellent idea. This game is windows only, well the version they are selling is, and is redeemable on Steam and Desura.
Main Website: http://www.eufloria-game.com/news.php

Official Eufloria Teaser Trailer - IndieRoyale

Cthulu Saves the World/Breath of Death VII 
These are both games that are new old school turn based rpg's that happen to be very fun and well received. Zeboyd Games intitally released them on the Xbox 360 Indie Games section but they have since been brought to PC through Steam and Desura. Both games offer quite a bit of gameplay, six to ten hours, and some well written scenarios. Breath of Death VII was a game that came out before Cthulu Saves the World, it was also well received but didn't receive quite as much praise as Cthulu Saves the World did. Cthulu Saves the World is all about the lord of insanity, Cthulu, losing all of his powers and having to regain them on a quest to become a true hero. I love the humour associated with the game and the entire concept that the great god Cthulu is becoming a hero, in a world full of monsters. This game is available only on PC, through Steam and Desura. 
Main Website: http://zeboyd.com/

Cthulhu Saves the World trailer - IndieRoyale

That's it for this IndieRoyale bundle, but it pretty damn tempting if I may say so. Had I not too much to do already I would jump on this deal in a moment. Check it all out more on the IndieRoyale website. Thanks for reading and be back with some more later today.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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