Monday, November 21, 2011

Infinity Blade 2 Releases December 1st

I've never talked much about the original Infinity Blade, besides my short review on the iPhone Review Round-up I did a while back, and that is a shame. Infinity Blade is by far the best serious game on the iPhone/iPad, making excellent use of the technology in order to create an innovative experience that is thrilling, challenging, persistent. All of that was accompanied by strong roleplaying elements and a massive shop that provided you with a large array of weapons to find, buy and level up. The game recently came out on the iPad 2, which looks even better than the iPhone, and now Epic Games is setting Infinity Blade 2 to release on December 1st. It will be available on iPad as well as iPhone, all the way back to 3GS, and will cost something around $7. They even have a novella to accompany Infinity Blade 2, called Infinity Blade: Awakening,  and it is on the app store for $3. Check out this gameplay demo to see how the game looks and will play out.

In the first Infinity Blade the whole point of the game was to defeat the god king but now he is gone. I am very interested to see what the new purpose they will you, the hero, go through and how it will keep up with the same persistence that the first game had. In the first game if you died, and you often died before beating the god king, you would come back as a descendant of the hero who had previously died. Now that the god king is dead I really want to see if they try to do something new with this mechanic for death or if they will merely duplicate it. The whole item system will hopefully be a bit different, especially since you had to rely on items to level up in order for your character to level up, which is fine, but it wasn't done in the most user-friendly manner in Infinity Blade 1. I cannot recall how many times I had several leveled up items that I could no longer gain experience from for a long period of time with too little money to purchase new items. It also made it so you would often use lesser weapons or equipment just for the sole purpose gaining experience. I didn't hate this mechanic but I really want to see it improved.

So far I am just speculating but there are some new features that I can highlight. In the first Infinity Blade you could only do sword and shield but now they will have dual wielding and two handed weapons. You can now influence weapons and armors with some kind of objects that you collect throughout the game, objects that make it you can craft new powers into equipment. The hero is now fighting the Deathless Tyrants and a whole slew of new enemies called Titans. There isn't much more to say about Infinity Blade 2 but I cannot wait to get my hands on it on December 1st, hopefully it will just as fantastic as the first game. Check out this commentary video below that shows off a bit more about the games' story. Thanks for reading. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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