Monday, November 14, 2011

King Arthur's Gold Released

King Arthur's Gold, KAG, has been one of my favorite PC indie games in the last several months and that was when it was in beta. They recently just came out with KAG 2.0, a huge update that I mentioned back in late October, one that changed the entire fundamentals of the game in order to create a more balanced experience. King Arthur's Gold is a free PC team based multiplayer game that gives you a Terraria graphical style mixed with a medieval theme. Each team fights each other in team death match or capture the flag modes, both of which allow you to choose between the three classes: archer, builder and the knight. The game excels when it comes to the builder and how you can interact with the world. You can build great castles of your own design, complete with pit traps, catapults, trap doors, trap bridges and more.

The most enjoyable aspect of the game has to be the building, but builders cannot survive with archers or knights, nor can their creations. Knights, originally, could tear through a builders structure in no time, but that is no longer in the case in the new version. Archers can't do a ton on their own but they do dish out a lot of damage and have fantastic range. Builders do very little damage and can take one or two hits only but they are the backbone of everything. Without builders you cannot get through rough terrain or enemy structures/traps, plus you need builders to create defense and forward bases. Enough of an overview though, let's get into what the 2.0 release, plus all the new releases after that, have done for the game. If you want to read more about what the game is generally about then head on over to my initial impressions.

If you saw my last post then you may have seen the artwork depicting how bombs and arrows will work now, among other things. This artwork.
Previously Knights always came with bombs and matches turned into giant bomb filled annoyances, but now they have to purchase bombs with gold that they earn through team work and doing well. There are also arrow shops that require you to get money to purchase arrows as well, no longer can you easily harvest a hundred arrows from a tree in a short period of time. They also added living quarters, areas that heal you for money, something that is very important now that there are tickets per team, much like a multiplayer FPS. Now teams start with a set amount of lives and you actually need to be a bit more careful about everything, no longer does launching yourself from a catapult into an enemies wall seem like a plausible idea. You lose your gold when you die, but is it the only resource in the game that doesn't entirely drop to the ground when you die, now it seems to be based on some unknown percentage. So you may now carry over some of your gold and buy bombs/arrows with it before heading into battle. These workshops are the major changes in the game but they are by no means the only ones. They have changed how knights work, the whole charge attack they used to have has been revamped and now little strikes are no longer as effective. They have also changed quite a bit with archers and how timing works with arrows, plus archers can now climb trees. There are plenty of other changes that have been implemented as well. All of which you can easily peruse on the KAG main website. 
If you have purchased KAG then now actually have something to hold over the rest of us free players, customization. You can now customize the head of any given class, sure that's pretty trivial but at least there is something for the premium players. Check out the chart above for an idea of how that works. In the future there is a lot planned for the premium players but for now it's all mostly the same for everyone. KAG isn't the most complicated ever but it does have a lot going for it, especially since it's free and easy to download. If you are into medieval team games with simple yet enjoyable graphics then check out King Arthur's Gold. They have tons of servers up now that 2.0 has been released and the community is expansive at the moment. Also, for those of you who like to build only there are creatives modes/servers that let you do exactly that, without any combat going on. The game has been improved in many ways since the first time I reported on it and it's shaping up to be more enjoyable than ever. Check out the main website, or moddb page, for more information. Thanks for reading and be back with more shortly. 
Main Website:
Moddb KAG Page

-Written by Sean Cargle


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