Monday, November 28, 2011

Legend of Grimrock Reaches Beta

Do you remember Legend of Grimrock from when I last wrote about it in August? It's a first person real time dungeon crawler, the kind that pays homage to old games like Might & Magic or Wizardry. It keeps the old look while still adding in some great new features and graphics. Almost Human Games is making Grimrock for PC, Mac and iOS. It was in alpha last time I wrote about it and there wasn't anyway to play it and it was slightly difficult to support it, but now with the beta they are working on getting preorders up and running while also working out some kind of distribution method for the game. They were originally planning to release the game by the end of this year but they explain on their newest post that they don't want to for the sake of quality, stating that they could release a better game if they don't push for the end of the year. The first distribution system they are going for is Steam, so here's to hoping Valve doesn't send them one of those dreaded non-explanation denials. Check out the beta video below and keep your eyes on this one, it looking to become something very special and enjoyable, especially for us old school rpg gamers. Thanks for reading and be back with more news shortly.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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