Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Orcs Must Die! Lost Adventures

There is a new DLC for Orcs Must Die! arriving on steam today and it is what everyone has been waiting for, new maps! We have five new maps, two new enemies, new leaderboards, new skull rewards and a new bonus defense that has to do with the placement of the Mana Well. The Lost Adventures DLC normally will cost $4 but it is on sale right now, until November 15th, for $3. If you have no idea about Orcs Must Die! check out Adam's review from last month. Now for some specifics, but first watch this video.

Now for the details. The two new enemies are the Cyclops Mage and the Frost Bat, the new move-able mana well and new skull rewards that can be earned on all difficulty modes (just like the normal campaign). The five new maps are: The Pit, Double Trouble, Reverse Tower, Triple Down and The Great Gorge. All of the new maps look to be pretty expansive and the Frost Bat looks to be a pain in the ass. Hopefully this Christmas we will be getting some kind discounted Orcs Must Die! deal that includes all the DLC plus the game. I am still crossing my fingers for a modding kit or cooperative mode, hope one of those is the focus of the next DLC. The game itself is still the base price of $15, but you can check out more information over at the main website or steam page. Thanks for reading, be back with more tomorrow. 
Main Website: http://www.robotentertainment.com/
Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/102623/

-Written by Sean Cargle


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