Thursday, November 17, 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic Beta

I know many readers of Violent Gamer have already gotten into some of the SWTOR weekend beta tests but this next weekend is the last weekend beta test that there will be before the release of the game and there are keys for it all over the place. There are several outlets, and I'm sure more which I don't know about, in which you can get your hands on this beta, one through IGN through their Prime/members program, secondly through Fileplanet (all you need to be is a free user) and lastly through Rock Paper Shotgun who are just flat out giving out keys to whoever wants them. Someday I will actually get to write about my experiences with the game but unfortunately is still under a strict non disclosure agreement. For anyone wondering if you have to use Origin to play the beta, the answer is no. You just merely download the client, but the full game will most likely require Origin. The early access for SWTOR, for the people who pre-ordered, starts in about a month and until then this is the last time you can get your hands on the game. If you decided to ignore my hyperlinks here is the blatant links below. Just to be clear, this beta is the for the weekend after Thanksgiving, not this weekend. Also, check out the latest video below. Thanks for reading and check it out.

-Written by Sean Cargle


Epic4tan said...

I really envy for those who are given the opportunities to play beta. Well I still got my last hope, hoping the final week and the mighty above spread and shared some light on me and give me the chance to play even for a short time. LOL I got quick question though, is the game too dependent with their virtual currency? Coz if they do I’m sure a swtor credits company like this will benefits the most, like now that they already had a specific page for swtor.

Lokai said...

You didn't sign up for any of that stuff before it ended? Least it comes in about a month, finally isn't the distant future. I'm sure shady companies like swtor credits will always be around, always allowing players to cheat, but the game doesn't seem that dependent on money. Since the NDA is lifted I can say whatever about the beta, which I will be writing about pretty soon, but in my experience currency was never a problem, it was abundant. The one thing that was hard to get and really mattered were commendations. Commendations you got from uncommon drops, also from quests, and they let you get very nice equipment, they were definitely the most important currency I saw and I don't think they can sell that.

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