Thursday, November 17, 2011

Terraria Update Coming December 1st

As per usual the developers over at Terraria are subtlety showing off some of the content for their upcoming update through screenshots. I don't know about most other people out there but I haven't played Terraria for months, mainly due to the lack of continual updates and late game content. However this new update looks to be fairly large. Just to list some of the updates shown we have: many new items, new wall placements, new armor placements, a new background, new biomes, new weapons, new armor, new boss called the Wall of Flesh, female character creation, the gel factory, the skeet shoot, new mechanics, birds, harder pre-existing bosses and probably plenty of more. I used to love playing Terraria with other people and this updates will hopefully bring everyone back together again for some more late night Terraria sessions.


There are currently three posts regarding this update, all of which I will list below, and if you have never played Terraria then I suggest you wait until the holidays in which it will certainly be on sale. It is currently $10 on Steam. You can check out my review of Terreria if you want to check it out. Thanks for reading and enjoy these screenshots.

Skeet Shoot

Gel Factory

Terraria Updates: 
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Update Post 2
Update Post 3

-Written by Sean Cargle


Shadow of Death said...

So much stuff has come out recently (Skyrim, SR: The Third, Minecraft Full Release), and this is the last major thing for me that's coming out.

Gonna have to set some time aside to check it out.

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