Monday, November 21, 2011

Treasure Adventure Game

Yes, this game is actually called Teasure Adventure Game and despite its uninspiring name the game itself actually looks pretty substantial and enjoyable. Robitstudios, which is really just Stephen Orlando and Robert Ellis, has made a open world 2d platform adventure game that is described a mix between Super Mario Bros 2 and Wind Waker. The beta 0.5 of the game just came out and it looks to have a lot of going for it. Just based on the final trailer for this game you can tell just how large the world looks to be, full of boating, fighting sea dragons, exploring caves and cemeteries   Plus it looks to have some good old fashion towns and inventory system. It is definitely a "simple" looking game but I wouldn't right it off so quickly. Surely it won't drag anyone away from Skyrim, BF3, Dark Souls or MW, but if you feel like delving into an old school adventure then check it out. You can download the latest version, 100 mbs large and free, at the MODDB page below and check out the trailer. I will be checking it out later today and I hope to bring you some more news shortly.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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