Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose Review

*Immediate Spoilers Ahead*
How long has that zombie been in that well? That's my main point of concern about episode four of The Walking Dead Season 2. They find a zombie in a well, the well they were told to use for water, and the zombie looks like it's been in that well for a week or more. Throughout the whole episode we have this odd side story about the zombie in the well and how they are going to get it out. It certainly shows that Glenn is indeed still awesome, but it still felt a bit like a time filler and fairly unrealistic. First off, how could the farmers not know that a zombie was in the well that they say they use for the animals? Wouldn't you be using that well every single day. If we are to believe that the zombie hasn't been in there for a week plus then how could it possible look so bloated and flabby in such a short period of time? Even after all the work and pondering throughout the episode the zombie still contaminates the well, making a good fifteen minutes of the episode feel a little pointless. The rest of the episode has some good stuff going on though.

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First off, Glenn has sex with Maggie! Any viewer would have suspected that something would happen with them down the road, but not this quickly and not straight to sex. It sets up a weird relation between the two, with Maggie and Glenn wanting to be together but Maggie very aware of how her father Hershel is. This episode also uses this situation to highlight how Hershel is pushing the idea that Rick and everyone are only staying on his farm temporarily. It is directly stated in the episode and also stated again when Hershel is telling Maggie not to get invested in the group.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode Photos

This episode also gives us some hope for Sophia when Daryl finds some possible evidence of her existence inside an abandoned house. He also brings a flower back to Carol as a sign of sympathy. Daryl continues to be one of the most interesting and strong characters on the show and this episode shows his commitment to the group. Glenn is also one of the only other characters that seems to constantly has the group in mind, not excluding Dale, but most of the other characters continue to be more concerned with their own, often petty, problems than the group as a whole. Lori's situation feels a little less petty than say Andrea's constant complaining about not shooting and being independent. We see what Glenn brought back from the store for Lori and it is a birth control test. The end of the episode shows that Lori is indeed pregnant, presumably with Shane's baby, and that a lot of drama will likely incur because of this new situation. Based on her arguments with Rick about whether or not Carol should live in the zombie filled world, I cannot imagine that she would want to bring a new baby into it as well.  Speaking of Carol, we get to see that he is getting better but slowly and that it looks very positive for his recovery.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode Photos

This episode shows how plenty can be going on but not all of it can be that interesting or important. Since I am reviewing this so late I am happy to know that next episode has some more significant moments, but I feel like we are all just waiting for another episode that was as significant and action packed as Save The Last One. Despite the negatives of this episode The Walking Dead is still one of the best shows on television right now. Thanks for reading and I will work on putting out reviews for the remaining two episodes before episode seven airs next Sunday on AMC.

Violent Score: 7.5 (out of 10)

-Written by Sean Cargle


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