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The Walking Dead: Chupacabra Review

After last weeks let down of an episode we get a more substantial episode to follow it up. Chupacabra brings some important comic book tie ins, at the very least, among other interesting developments. Chupacabra is episode five of season two of The Walking Dead and the most current episode was episode six, Secrets, which aired on November 20th on AMC. I am attempting to get out the reviews for the two episodes reviews I am lacking before tonight's new episode at 9 pm.

*Spoilers Ahead*
The most important part of this episode was the barn. I was upset when we first got to see the farm and there wasn't any attention paid to the barn, but through this episode we see that the writers/director obviously did that on purpose. The barn is an important part of Hershel's farm in the comics, mainly because of it's importance as a plot device that is there to move everyone on from Hershel's farm and kill off a few characters. So far this season has done an awful job moving forward the plot at a reasonable rate, so the barn should hopefully provide that push that this season needs. Why the barn? Well the barn is full of walkers and we have no idea why they are there other than Hershel's   The Barn reveal comes at the end of the episode, when Glenn finds it on the pretense of having sex with Maggie, so we don't get any information about it or get to see what happens next, but it was great to see them tie something in from the comics.

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Other than Glenn discovering the Barn there are some interesting parts of this episode, specifically everything having to do with Daryl. Daryl happens to fall off a cliff/hill, due to his horse getting spooked by a snake, and gets injured by his own crossbow bolt that he lands on at some point during the tumble. We finally get to see his brother, Merle, pop up as some phantom of Daryl conscious. He pushes Daryl to climb up the very hill he fell down in order to make his way back to the camp, but not before Daryl falls back down the hill once and has to fight two walkers. The fight with the two walkers was awesome, just like all of Daryl's fights, and we get to see how even when injured he can still be super deadly. Daryl finally makes it back to the camp and they all think hes a walker from a distance, prompting dim witted Andrea to shoot at him even though everyone told her not too. On top of her being annoying she is now being cocky thanks to Shane training her to shoot. Daryl is damn near killed, twice, in this episode and I don't know how I would have felt about the show if he was killed off, mainly because he was the few characters that is easy to like and emphasize with.

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There wasn't too much else gong on this episode, more Lori being pregnant stuff, Glenn being told by Maggie that she doesn't want to have sex with him anymore, Dale being inquisitive and a really neat flashback that shows Georgia getting bombed by the military. Six episodes in so far and five of them have been spent hanging at Hershel's farm, but now there is some hope for some forward momentum thanks to the barn. Something also need to happen with Sophia, she either needs to be found dead or found alive, just for the sake of moving on to something else. Tonight's episode, episode seven, marks the halfway point of the season (well actually one episode past the halfway point), but it must propel the show forward or it may start losing it's viewers more than it already has. Despite the high poitns of this episode it still cannot match the strength of many episodes from the first season or the episode with Shane and Otis from this season, but it does take some steps in the right direction.

Violent Score: 8 (out of 10)

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-Written by Sean Cargle


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