Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alan Wake officially coming to PC

After over a year of Alan Wake being available only on Xbox 360 it is now coming to PC to coincide with the XBLA stand alone Alan Wake story called American Nightmare, both of which are slated for a first quarter 2012 release. The PC version will be coming with both of the available DLC's, The Writer and The Signal. There are very few details about the PC release and whether it will include any new content but hopefully it will be more than a shoddy port. Here is the one screenshot they have for the game so far, insinuating the game will be higher resolution than the original version.

Alan Wake is about a best selling writer who travels to a remote town in order to get some time alone and hopefully break his writers block. The town has some dark secrets and Alan Wake seems to release them all shortly after his arrival, creating a perpetual nightmare that he struggles to get out of. I played and beat the game back on Xbox 360 and loved it, sure it was a bit repetitive but the way they handled the darkness versus the light aspects of the game were quite enjoyable. They also did a good job mixing action and suspense, making you feel confident and foolhardy when you are overstocked with flares and rifle rounds, while making you feel scared and cautious when you have little to fight the darkness with. The world has darkness that creeps in with a similar feeling to Silent Hills nightmare world and does a great job making you panic. If you've never played the game watch out for it when it comes out on PC. Here is a video just to show off how the game played and looked on Xbox 360. Thanks for reading.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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