Thursday, December 8, 2011

APB Reloaded Released

All Points Bulletin was a MMO shooter that came out last year in June. I played it and I agree with the large majority of gamers out there when I say it was an unpleasant mess. After a couple months the game went into administration mode, which meant it was pretty much on hold, and was purchased by K2 Network in November. They decided rework the game and make it into the open world cops vs robbers shooter that it was intended to be. APB Reloaded, the reworked and free to play new version of All Points Bulletin, was released two days ago on December 6th. It certainly looks quite a bit different from the original, more polished hopefully. Check out these comparison screenshots.

Original APB In-Game Screenshot

APB Reloaded In-Game Screenshot

Looks as if they kept the same ideas and design ideas, but if they made that mess of a MMO into something more solid and enjoyable then it might be worth a shot. The game is still based as a large PVP game in large life-filled city. Now and days there are quite a few MMO shooters out there, like War Inc., War Rock and Global Agenda, but if you are into these kinds of games then you might want to download APB Reloaded on Steam or Gamersfirst for free. They have bonuses going on for the game if you download start playing before December 19th, things like bonus experience, money, weapons and some other free premium items, but those deals only seem to be through Steam. Check out this trailer below to get an idea of how the game will play. Thanks for reading and if anyone checks this out and discoveries that it is significantly better than the original do let me know. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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