Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Media Release

The Indie of the Year awards, plus the Mod of the Year Awards, are going on over at MODDB and Indiedb. Chivalry Medieval Warfare is up for Best Upcoming Indie Game of the Year Award and with that they have released a slew of new screenshots after several months of no new news. Torn Banner Studios also hint that there may be a beta starting soon and to keep up with their facebook page for news on that and everything else.  There hasn't been any updates for Chivalry since I last reported on it in October and I will be back to report on any new news when it surfaces. For now check out all of these new screenshots. Apologies for the heavy load that these high resolution screenshots may impose on your poor bandwith.

-Written by Sean Cargle


  1. looking epic!

  2. Check out the new gameplay video they released today, looks great.