Friday, December 16, 2011

COH: The Great War 1918

A Company of Heroes mod that will make it so that passive players have to be aggressive or they will end up fighting against damn near impenetrable defense, sounds exciting. The Great War 1918 is a mod that is going to focus on the realism of WWI but still try to keep the game fun and exciting. You can look forward to artillery strikes, gas strikes and of course...trenches. The trenches are one of the most major changes of gameplay with this mod. You will be able to build them trenches the same way you normally build wire or sandbags but you can build them without limit. Infantry will be able to move among them and receive trench cover, which is presumably equivalent to heavy cover if not stronger. The downside to trenches is that they will take a long time to do dig but that also means they will feel important and substantial. Check out these two new trench screenshots.

The Great War will focus on British versus German soldiers. They've haven't talked about a lot for the mod yet, it just entered Beta, but they have talked about gas strikes. There will be many types of gas attacks in the game, including mustard gas. Most gas strikes can be fired from artillery units, like mortars, but you there will be also be off map gas strikes. All infantry units in the game are equipped with gas masks, which they will automatically put on as soon as they struck by a gas strike of any kind. The negative to gas masks is that the infantry they will have huge penalties while using a gas mask. Even worse if the units are too exhausted from using gas masks too long they may retreat without orders. It looks like that part of the mod is coming along quite well.

I've played quite a few mods for Company of Heroes but never one that was quite this game changing. The Great War doesn't have a release date but if you are still a fan of the series then you should watch out for this great looking mod. If you are up for playing a good mod for COH right now I recommend the stellar Eastern Front Mod (Russian Theatre) or Europe at War (persistent online large scale strategy mod). Thanks for reading and the results for the last part of the Trine 2 contest will be up shortly.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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