Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dungeon Defenders DLC Announcement

Unlike other previous Dungeon Defenders DLC these upcoming packs are huge. They are not free, each costing $4, and they contain new pvp levels, survival levels with up to 8 players, new campaign, new loot, new pets, new monsters, new bosses, new level cap, a new difficulty and all kinds of new content. The first part, Mistymore Forest, come's out tomorrow on the 15th for PC and on the 21st for consoles. Trendy Entertainment let IGN in on all the information before anyone else, so all if this information is essentially from IGN and the new Trailer accompanying the first part of the DLC. The whole set of DLC is called The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards and it will be in several parts, each of which will cost $4 and be released over the next several months. By the way, if you hate spiders you are not going to be down for the Mistymore Forest. Check out the announcement trailer.

You can tell from the trailer that this DLC is quite substanial and that they are really changing it up the feel of the game. The original campaign levels all take place within Castle areas, like the castle garden, roof or throne room, but the new DLC levels take you through spider filled forests, watery caves and Djinn filled desert cities. Many of the levels have entirely new objectives, for instance the desert level has you raising an army of Djinns to fight off an enemy army of Djinns. The new PVP levels are all deathmatch based and with them comes an eight person cooperative survival level. Many people might be thinking that the DLC sounds quite substantial but what's up with the lack of new classes...well they told IGN in an interview that the new Barbarian hero will be coming in January and then the steampunk automation , Series EV, will be coming in February. Both of those new classes are set to be 100% new, unlike the recently released alternates of the original four classes. They also said that you can play through the entire new campaign at around level 20 on easy, level 40 on normal and level 60 on hard.

If you have the PC version of Dungeon Defenders you can pick up the new DLC tomorrow on Steam while the two console versions will be seeing it on the 21st. Thanks for reading and to check out all the interview questions head on over to IGN. Will be driving for a good chunk of the day but I will be back tonight to write some more. Also, two more days on the last Trine 2 contest! Get submissions in!
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