Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Game of Thrones RPG First Trailer

I've known for quite some time that Cynaide Studios was making a third person rpg based off the A Song of Fire & Ice series by George R. Martin, but there was never any information on it until now. Well to be honest there still isn't any information about the game, other than the one section describing The Wall on their website, but there at least now is an actual gameplay trailer. This game is being made by the same studio that made the disappointing Game of Thrones-Genesis. I'm quite worried that they will muck up this game as well but at least it's an entirely different type of game, Genesis being a real time strategy game, and I hope it is a different group of developers. The game is supposed to come out early 2012 which seems very sketchy due to the small amount of information on the game but at least they are the right track this time around. With Genesis they didn't release any  real gameplay videos, even when the game had a week left before release, and it was a sign of how poor gameplay was. Here's to hoping for a splendid open world RPG set in our beloved world of Westeros. At the very least we can tell that they are using locations and people directly from the books. Without further ado here is the first gameplay trailer. Thanks to RPS for catching this trailer.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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