Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gemini Wars

I'm working on writing about quite a few Space Sim's right now so be prepared for that over the next couple of days, but this game is a 4x Space Strategy Game. The one I will be talking about tonight is called Gemini Wars and it is an indie game developed for Unity. It is being made by a three person team who called themselves Camel 101, a team that previously made another indie RTS game called Orczz. In Gemini Wars you start as a low ranking fleet commander with a small group frigates and work your way towards controlling large battleships, carriers and planetary bases. The game is not out yet but they just came out with a update detailing how the game is coming along. First off though, check out some of this latest gameplay trailer.

The game looks a lot like Sins of a Solar Empire but obviously without the high production values that come with a full scale developer like Stardock. Gemini Wars give you a large scale area to develop a strategy and conquer the stars. You can choose between three different factions, each of which has nine unique ships. There will be some base building that has you constructing space stations, turrets, colony bases, ships and other support structures. Conquering planets works a lot like Sins of a Solar Empire, you can take any planet if you have a colony ship but if it is already colonized then you will have to fight past the planets defenses in order to destroy its subsystems. Planetary management will be fairly simple in order for you to focus on space battles, not planetary micromanagement. It will have a single player campaign with the United Space Federation faction and there will also be multiplayer. That's the last of the general information on the game, but it looks quite interesting. I would say that if your interested in this type of game then go ahead and play Sins of a Solar Empire but that will likely be more expensive and a fairly different experience, but I do always recommend Sins of a Solar Empire to anyone who likes large scale space games with lots of planetary management and huge space battles.

Currently you cannot pre-order the game but it is set to come out sometime in Q1 2012. When the pre-orders are available then you will be able to get the game at a lower price and you will get your hands on it earlier. For more head on over to the Gemini Wars main website, thanks for reading.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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