Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Humble Indie Bundle #4

My god, it almost seems as if they time these things. Yesterday the IndieRoyale Xmas Bundle came out and now the fourth Humble Bundle is on our doorstep. Damn did the Humble Bundle team get a fantastic line-up this time, this may be there best set of games ever. Here's some general information for anyone who doesn't know the Humble Bundle. The Humble Bundle was the first company out there to start doing these Bundles of Indie games for low price and they are still the most favorable of them due to their payment options, specifically because they allow you to give money directly to charity and directly to the developers. The Humble Bundle allows you to split your money as you choose fit and they also allow you to get 90% of the games if you pay anything, but if you want 100% of the games you usually have to pay the average price. So far The Humble Bundle has raised $2.8 million for the Child's Play charity. They also have raised money for the American Red Cross but they don't have that amount on there and I think that's a newer charity option. I should note that many of the games in this bundle are available for Mac, Linux and PC. That's all for that, now to the list of the games! Also prepare for an overload of videos!

Base Games (pay whatever)

Bit. Trip Runner

Super Meat Boy


Nightsky HD

Bonus Games (must pay average) 

Cave Story + 

Gratuitous Space Battles 

For info on everything head on over to: http://www.humblebundle.com/
-Written by Sean Cargle


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