Monday, December 12, 2011

IndieRoyale- The Xmas Bundle

It's that time again! Another IndieRoyale bundle has arrived. The last of which was the Really Big Bundle back at the end of November. The Xmas Bundle has four fairly unknown games, except for the notorious Dino D-Day. If you haven't got an IndieRoyale bundle before let me fill you in with the basics, for the rest of you skip down to game descriptions and links. The IndieRoyale bundles are based off of the very popular Humble Bundle, in which you pay whatever you want for several PC indie games and you can choose how much money goes to the developer or charity. IndieRoyale on the other hand does not give you the option to split the money and instead you have to pay the minimum price, usually still very cheap (less than $5), for several indie games. Their games are always for Windows but often also for Mac and Linux. The current bundle will last for another thirteen days and then there will be a little break before they start another bundle. Right now the current minimum price for The Xmas Bundle is currently at $4.28.

The Blackwell Trilogy: Remastered
Available on Windows only, available on Steam and Desura
This is the first game on their list and it is a point and click adventure game. It is three episodes put into a bundle, all of which you can see at their website along with the rest of their games, and the games have been out for a couple years. People always try to do new and enjoyable point and click adventures games but rarely do they seem to hit that mark, with The Blackwell Trilogy they seem to have earned quite a bit of praise and this trilogy looks like it should be a bit of fun for any fans of the genre. The trilogy is developed by Wadjet Eye Games. Watch the trailer below to get an idea for the game.
For more info:

Blackwell Trilogy: Remastered - Indie Royale

Dino D-Day 
Available on Windows and Steam only
I remember a time when people were very excited about the prospects of a game that put WWII Dinosaurs that fought on the side of the nazi's against US soldiers, but after Dino D-Day had been released people had come to see that the entire game as poor creation and was mostly devoid of enjoyment. Yes Dino D-Day did poorly when it was released, especially since it wasn't released as a mod but as a small downloadable game. Now you can get it here for part of a deal that is less than $5 and maybe the prospect of eating a WWII soldier alive as a Velociraptor or T-rex is still enticing some. The game was developed by 800 North. Check out the trailer below. 
Main Website:

The Oil Blue
Available on Windows and Desura only
The Oil Blue is an oil baron sim game that has you controlling an oil company that is the under the watchful eye of a major energy company. You travel across the oceans looking for oil, while also locating islands to drill upon as well. You have to do so in a time constrained way as the energy company looming over you only gives you a specific amount of time to hit a quota or they will boot you out. You also deal with marketing and selling the oil, but the game looks to specifically deal with everything related to drilling. The game is set in the near future and has some favorable reviews around the internet. It is developed by Vertigo Games and you can find out more about on the main website, but for now watch this trailer. 
Main Website:

The Oil Blue Launch Trailer - Indie Royale

Available on Windows and Mac, available on Desura and Steam 
Eets is a game that takes the premise of Lemmings, where you must get an uncontrollable entity to the end of the map without harming to come it, and throws a big batch of crazy into it. You solve puzzles as you try to steer your Eet to the goal, all of which is done in a very cartoon like world that has over two hundred levels, many of which are created by players. The game looks to be crazy and challenging, plus it seems to have quite a lot of longevity to it. It is made by Klei Entertainment and check out the trailer below for a glimpse at this wacky world that was possibly created under the influence of hallucinogenics.  
Main Website:

Eets trailer - Indie Royale

That is all, or Das ist alles for any Germans out there, for this IndieRoyale bundle. If you are thinking about purchasing the bundle keep an eye on the price and see how it fluxuates. The bundle will exist for thirteen days and it will probably be at its highest price today. Thanks for reading and head on over to their website to check it out.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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