Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oil Rush Release Date Set

Oil Rush is an AAA Indie Title that is being developed by Unigine Corp, a developer out of Siberia. It is a strategy game that is all about a world submerged in water, much like the movie Waterworld, except in this world everyone is fighting for dominance of Oil. The gameplay seems to be a mix of real time strategy and tower defense. If you recall that Eufloria game then you will understand the most basic concept of the game. You start with several oil rigs, of which there are many types, and use those to take over nearby neutral rigs. Each rig spawns specific unit types, whether they are planes or naval units, both of which have several different types of planes/ships. You direct where you want that rigs units to attack and then watch as they travel across the map in their groups. You can select specific units from each rig and send them all over the map, spreading your units thin , or you can bundle them all together into one massive strike force. Check out this early trailer to get an idea of the story of the game and some gameplay.

Other than the basic idea of directing units you also have research trees and rig defenses. Each rig can build quite a few different defenses and I can't tell exactly what they all are but they seem to be defenses based on combat specific unit types. So if you couldn't tell from the trailer above the game looks quite good, especially good for being a $20 downloadable title. I am hesitant at calling this team an indie team, but they still are despite the 10-20 people working on the game. Check out the following hyperlinks if you want to take a look at all the different units and some of the games environments

Now for some general information about the game: the game will have 16 singleplayer campaign missions, fifteen multiplayer maps available over LAN and internet, various different environments, dynamic gameplay, mod SDK available from the start, no DRM and multi-platform access to Linux, Mac and Windows. The game may sound simple but it looks to take the basic ideas of an RTS and make it into something unique. The game is going to be released on January 25th, 2012 in NA, while it is being distributed by Iceberg Interactive a month later in Europe, Australia and South Africa on February 24th. The game has pretty high requirements, hell I use that recommend graphics card for Skyrim, check those out here. Check out this newest multiplayer trailer for the game, quite a long trailer but I found it pretty enjoyable to watch and it actually made me want to play the game.

Oil Rush costs $20 and if you pre-order you get instant access to the beta. They say in multiple areas that it will be coming out on PS3/PSN at some point but there isn't any information about that the news recent news about release dates doesn't mention PSN. To find out more information on the game head on over to the main website. Thanks for reading and I hope to get my hands on Oil Rush sometime in January, at least for some demo impressions. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle 


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