Thursday, December 22, 2011

Planetside 2 Update

They have done quite a lot of work on Planetside 2 since I last wrote about it when it was announced. Since then they have revealed a number of new features about the game and a faction video. First off, watch this video showcasing the three factions and describing what they are about.

Now for the features. So we already knew that Planetside 2 was going to be like the first game with regards to the three factions battling it out over territories but now they have revealed that each territory will have it's own special resource that will make it worth fighting over. If your faction manages to hold a resource long enough then your faction will receive fuel, ammo, tech and other bonuses. They have revealed that each of these territories will be part of several continent maps, every part of which can be fought over. The game will have several of the classic roles from the first game but will also be introducing new ones alongside a persistent class system. In the first game they gave you a big map and told you were battles were taking place, now they are going to handle it by letting players, plus SOE, create missions to drive new players into the action. One of the biggest problems with the first game was finding battles, often the combat icons on the map represented very small scale battles if anything, so if they use missions to drive people to work together then battles should be easier to participate in as well as being larger in size. 

One new feature, compared to the first game, is a much more extensive player customization system. Now not only can you customize your class with weapons and abilites but you will also have unique skill trees to unlock. The skill trees will apply to weapons, vehicles, equipment, attachments and specialized skills. They also seem to be doing a Battlefield kind of unlock system where you unlock weapons and unlock attachments for those weapons, but I don't know whether they are doing that based on use or rank. That's about it for features and they haven't shown off any of these features so far, unless you are lucky enough to be in the beta to see them. Speaking of the beta that brings me to my last point, you can now sign up for their beta here. If you were an original planetside player you get extra bonuses if you still have the same account for SOE. Thanks for reading and I will be certain to do more posts on Planetside 2 once they start releasing some gameplay screens, video and info. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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