Friday, December 2, 2011

What is Proteus

A crude adventure through an alpha indie open world PC game. Proteus is the type of game that is all about exploration, as it is now at least. It's easy to think of Minecraft while playing Proteus, two open worlds that are filled with random creations, but Proteus is far more about music, exploration and ambiance. The game currently has an alpha demo available for playthrough, which I spent a good thirty minutes playing through, which seems like nothing for any game but the alpha demo is pretty bare. You may instantly be put off by the graphics, but if you have been gaming for more than ten years then the graphics just make you feel like you are playing some old classic.

Check out the demo here. The alpha demo only has one animal, as far as I have found, but you can create three different size worlds and it's pretty enjoyable just to wonder around. I'm very interested in seeing where they go with this game and I will likely make a press inquiry with them once they have some recent news on how the game is developing. One of the two developers, Ed Key is pretty active on his twitter but doesn't have a lot of news about the game, not yet. Keep checking back and I will update on this game whenever I get a chance. If you feel like taking five, ten or twenty minutes to wonder around an interesting concept world then check out that demo. Thanks for reading, be back very shortly.
Main Website:

Proteus short trailer (Indiecade) from Ed Key on Vimeo.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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