Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Resistance 3: Brutality Pack

I'm afraid I don't know a single person that plays Resistance 3 regularly, but it is never too late to release DLC for the latest game of a long running FPS series. Resistance 3 is a pretty solid FPS, for PS3 only, with a strong multiplayer and interesting story, it did get some pretty good reviews back when it came out. Yesterday Insomnaic Games brought out the Brutality Pack, an online and local co-op mode that pits you against innumerable waves of enemies. Yeah that sounds like any other survival based mode out there, but nevertheless lets see the details. With this DLC you have an unlockable sledgehammer and a new skin to unlock, on top of all the normal weapons and gadgets from the base game. Most importantly the Brutality Pack brings in seven songs from Mastodon as it's soundtrack. All of the songs are from Mastodon's newest album, The Hunter. That's pretty damn odd but also pretty cool to see, mainly just because I am a fan of metal and I always think it would fit quite well in many games. The Brutality Pack will cost you $3.99 and should be pretty enjoyable for any hardcore fans of the game, it came out on December 6th so go grab it. Thanks for reading and check out the Brutality Pack trailer below.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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