Friday, December 2, 2011

Skryim Modding Tools on the Way

It is called the Creation Kit and it is going to be released by Bethesda at the beginning of January. Great news for modders and players everywhere, especially due to the large number of excellent modders that exist among the Elder Scrolls community.

On top of the modding tools they are also going to release something called the Steam Workshop, which sounds excellent. Bethesda has been working with Valve in order to create something that will allow you to simply and easily view, upload and download mods for Skyrim. There has always been talks of easy to use tools like this, Civilization V had one that worked fairly well, but if the Steam Workshop is anything like it sounds it will be pleasant to use for players and modders. If you upload your mod to the workshop you will not be locked into it or anything like that, you can still share your mod anywhere. Users will also be able to rate mods, so people can easily find the best ones. The Steam Workshop is set to come out with the Creation Kit, so here's to hoping they both come out fairly bug free and useful right from the start. I always wondered why Bethesda didn't release modding tools immediately with Skyrim but if it was because they were working on an easy to use official mod manager then I'm all for it. If you've ever tried using mods before for any Elder Scroll game you know it can be a pain in the ass, to install or to get it to work correctly, so this should make that all easier and make it easy to find them all it one spot.
On top of all that good news Bethesda also announced that a new patch is coming next week for Skyrim, but it will be hitting PC first. They don't have any release notes for it yet but those will be coming with the release next week. All they said about it is that it will be fixing the "amazing backwards flying dragon" (which is referring to this youtube video) and making magic resistance work correctly.

To check out full announcement head on over to the Bethesda Blog. Thanks for reading and check back for some more news tomorrow.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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