Monday, December 12, 2011

Trine 2 Contest Part Two

Part one of our Trine 2 contest is over, the story portion, but now by request we are starting the second part with the same rules as our first contest ever, a review contest. Head on down to check out the rules. We just did a review on Trine 2 as well, check that out here. We have one more copy to give away so get on it.

Trine 2 Part Two Contest Rules
#1 You must be 18 years or older to enter and have a Steam account.
#2 The review can be on any game on any platform. 
#3 Review should be less than 1,000 words (with some leniency on word count).
#4 You must submit this story by Friday December 16th by 8pm PST
#5 Your review must be your own, we will cross check with the all powerful internet. 
#6 You must submit your review by email to 
#7 Please use the subject "Trine 2 Contest" when submitting your e-mail. 
#8 You must want Trine 2! 

If you want to provide your review as an attachment, that is fine. There isn't a lot of time to win this last copy, three-four days, but it should be plenty of time. One of our winning reviews from the first contest was around five hundred words, so you certainly don't need to send in fluff pieces. Any questions or comments feel free to email us at 

This is repeated from the last contest rules, but it is still relevant. We have just recently hit 50,000 views and this contest is a way to thank everyone for their continued and growing support. I leave you with this Trine 2 trailer. Thank you for participating and we hope to be reading your reviews soon. Thanks again to Frozenbyte for giving us the means to hold these contests.

Trine 2 Main Website:
Trine 2 Steam Page:

-Sean Cargle and Adam Borchert


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