Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trine 2 Contest!

As a result of Frozenbyte, Trine's developers,  being wonderful we have two Steam codes of Trine 2 (for PC and Mac) to give away to you lovely people. BUT! You must do something for them, a deliciously absurd task that requires all of your pent up intelligence and cunning. Not buying any of that? Well that's fine too. What we want is for you to write a short story, based on Trine, using at least one of the main three characters. Sound tough? It might be, depends on how many of you splendid people apply to our little contest, but we do have two codes to give away so chances are good. Head below to see all of the official rules and if you have any questions we are always around to answer them.

Trine 2 Contest Rules
#1 You must write a short story based on Trine, either game. 
#2 The short story must contain at least one of the main characters and be set in similar a fantasy setting.
#3 The short story must be under 1,000 words (with some leniency on word count).
#4 You must submit this story by Monday December 12th by 8pm PST
#5 Your story must be entirely original, just like in academic settings plagiarism will immediately get you out of the contest. 
#6 You must submit your short story by email to 
#7 You must want Trine 2! 

*Due to numerous complaints changed this to a super short story. 
*Here is some information on the characters to use as a base:

Feel free to make these stories comical, dark, anything, as long as you think it is interesting and enjoyable. Poor Grammar will not be negatively attributed to your story, unless it is so bad that it interferes with reading it. You have four days to get the short story done, which should be plenty of time to write something solid that's around one thousand words, we want to get you out there and playing Trine 2 asap.  Most importantly have fun with this, you can generally tell when someone does not enjoy what they are writing and it will likely show up in your story. 

One last note, we have just recently hit 50,000 views and this contest is a way to thank everyone for their continued and growing support. I leave you with this Trine 2 trailer. Thank you for participating and we hope to be reading your stories soon.

Trine 2 Main Website:
Trine 2 Steam Page:

-Sean Cargle and Adam Borchert


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